Casa Mori Olio D'Olivia

This small slice of Tuscany houses 300 olives trees, of these are two olive varieties: Frantoio and Leccino. The two varieties are carefully handpicked and processed within 12 hours of harvest by state of the art equipment. The Olive Oil is also Cold Pressed which means that the oil was not heated over 27°C during processing, thus retaining more nutrients. We produce 700l of olive oil every second year, thus establishing the production as more Boutique Style.

Colour: The oil has a bright lime green appearance and even though it’s unfiltered it has fantastic clarity

Aroma: Has a fresh cactus character finishing with grassy to peppery spice aromas

Palate: Showing a true olive character, elegant nutty mouth feel with a lingering pepper finish

This oil is best served over your favourite salad, pasta, In soups, drizzled over warm crusty breads, fish & meats
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